Swim Team Time Trials

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Time Trials is the first official swim meet of the season, although we are not swimming against another team. The purpose is to have swimmers swim competitively within their age groups, trying to swim their best possible time in each stroke, or in all the strokes that they know at that time. Swimmers are expected to swim every stroke they know, and each swimmer is expected to swim the best he/she can. The times posted are used by the coaches as an initial assessment and a starting point from which the swimmer can work to improve during the summer.

Time Trials is also training time for parents of new swimmers. Parents may be asked to participate in one or more of the following functions during the course of Time Trials: Set-up, timer and recorder. Parents will be instructed on the “how to’s” before Time Trials begins, and then will be paired with an experienced parent during events to learn firsthand what is required in each function. This training will aid parents who are able to volunteer during the season.