1. Can members use the same membership cards with bar-code from last year?
    • Yes, they can and should use the same badge every year. There is a charge for replacements.
  2. Do members have to pay $2.50 badge fee for each member?
    • Yes, for new badges. Members do not have to pay the $2.50 if they are using last years badges.
  3. Once a member’s picture is uploaded, do they have to resubmit a new picture every year?
    • Every 1 to 2 years for children under 18. Adults do not need to submit a new picture every year.
  4. Is there a member registration form to mail in with check payment?
    • No registration form is needed to mail in. Just include name of person membership is under along with the payment.
  5. What are the area boundaries requirements to join the pool?
    • The boundaries include portions of the local area in both the 21227 and 21228 zip code as defined in this BOUNDARY MAP . Please contact the membership POC to verify if your address is within the established boundaries.
  6. Does a person/family requesting membership have to be sponsored by a current member?
    • Yes, sponsors are required, but if a requesting applicant is not acquainted with any current members, let the membership point of contact know and they will assist with you.