Get your Membership papers in early this year! A late fee of $25 will be charged to returning members who submit their application and dues after APRIL 30th!

Wynnewood Pool offers two types of memberships- Supporting Membership and Associate Membership. Please see below for a full description of each type of membership. In addition to the yearly dues, an I.D. badge must be purchased for each person in a Membership Family. The cost of the badges are $2.50 each.

SUPPORTING MEMBERSHIP: (Permanent Membership) You must purchase a Supporting Membership Certificate. It is required that you be a homeowner and live within the set boundaries. As a Supporting Member, you will be obligated to pay your dues each and every year. If you miss paying your dues for two consecutive years, your certificate will automatically expire for non-payment of dues. Redemption of the certificate can only be made if you sell your home, and upon proof of sale of that home, you may redeem the certificate for $250.00 (as long as dues are paid up and in good standing). Dues are payable by opening day of each and every year. Cost of the Certificate is $500.00. Dues are currently $500.00.  For the first year of membership your total cost is $1,000.00. Every year after your cost will be $500.00 (unless we have a dues increase).
ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Must be a homeowner and live within the set boundaries to be eligible for membership. No certificate purchase is necessary.  Dues are currently $700.00.
Our membership requirements are as follows:
  1. You must reside within the established boundaries as defined in this

    Boundary Map.  (Please email Janet Smith with questions).

  2. You must own (or be buying) your home (renters will not be considered for membership). Proof of homeownership is required in form of a HUD-1 Settlement Sheet or Property Tax bill.
  3. You must be sponsored by two current members.
  4. If you have previously been a Supporting member of Wynnewood Recreation Center and meet the requirements set in rules 2 and 3 (Previous  member can be defined as formerly having been included in your parents’ Supporting membership plan), you need not meet requirement set in item number 1. We have records back to the year the pool opened and can check eligibility.
  5. If you meet these requirements, please complete the membership application by clicking the button below and mail to the below address with a copy of your tax record or settlement sheet.


Janet Smith

Wynnewood Pool Membership

5803 Oakland Road

Baltimore, Maryland 21227

Thank you for your interest in Wynnewood Pool.